Stjarna Janis

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It's a girl ? You are on the right product, this musical star is one of our best seller! Its trendy and soft print is suitable for any nursery decoration. The music box is often seen and used as a toy by babies, they handle it, pull the rope, play with ribbons! So much to do with a music box! But the main function of this star-shaped musical cushion and to sleep and awaken baby with a sweet and original lullaby. And if you look good, our melodies are customizable with the music of your choice (only one per music box) among the titles we offer. It is a useful birth gift from birth, it will help baby to spend sweet nights. 
  • The creator's Little +:  all our musical toys are completely machine washable! 
  • Duration of the melody:  On average 2M15 
    • Made in France In our Parisian workshop :) 
      Size: 28X28cm 
      Weight: 170g 
      Color: light pink and white 
      Material  Interior 100% polyester / Outdoor 100% Cotton 
      All our fabrics are Oeko-TEX certified