Frábær brjóstagjafapúði sem er extra langur svo hægt er að byrja að nota hann strax á meðgöngu.  Góður stuðningur við bak og mjaðmir.  Fullkomin stærð 180x35cm.  Áklæði úr mjúku bómullarefni sem hægt er að taka af og þvo.

The XL Maternity Pillow is a absolute must-have during pregnancy as well as in first months after delivery. It helps in fighting back-pain and sore legs. Can be also used as a support while feeding the baby. When the child begins to sit, the pillow will provide a safe landing zone 🙂

  • aid during pregnancy – helps every future mom with sore back and leg problems
  • perfect for the baby – can be used as a support in stand-up practicing or for hugging
  • ergonomical shape – for maximum comfort of use
  • perfect size (approx. 180x35cm)
  • the filling can be replenished thanks to a zipper-opened cover
  • cover made of soft and delicate cotton fabrics
  • easy to keep clean – can be washed
  • filling made of elastic silicone pellet – keeps the pillow soft but firm
  • high quality materials and aesthetical looks
  • made in Poland